4 Italian Delicious (and Simple!!) Italian Peasant Soups You Need to be Eating Right Now!!

4 Italian Delicious (and Simple!!) Italian Peasant Soups You Need to be Eating Right Now!!

Simple to prepare, healthy, authentic, inexpensive and flat-out bloody delicious – today we feature 4 Italian Soups and perfect wine matches. From Zuppa Di Mussels to Pasta e Fagiol, and from Minestra d’Orzo to Ribolitta, these tried and true classic soups make use of often humble ingredients, are simple to prepare and eat like a meal. Get your favourite soup bowl and wine glass ready – you’re going to want to add these to your meal plans without delay.

Here’s the best part. Since these (and so many other) fabulous peasant style soups make use of often slightly stale breads, produce past its peak, and showcase inexpensive feature ingredients, it becomes almost too easy to spend a little more on the details that soup for supper to new heights. Splurge on great stock, indulge in abundant fragrant herbs, treat yourself to a loaf of amazing crusty fresh bread, or throw down a few extra dollars on a bottle of wine.

With a little extra attention and effort to elevating these details, these awesome recipes offer a warm hug on a cold winter evening, and sophisticated eating pleasure.

Heart healthy legumes, plentiful fresh veggies, bone broths and a good glass of wine join forces for a healthy and invigorating way to eat well and treat your body well, all at the same time. This winter, I have made a point of preparing soups like this once each week, and have found them to be a welcome and delicious addition to our family eating rituals.

The most time consuming part of the whole process has been making a trip a local bakery and choosing a load of something crusty and delicious to dip in our bowls. From sourdough to ancient grains, this small extra effort is a nice way to patronize a local small business, while embracing the roots and traditions around enjoying these fabulous humble recipes.

Zuppa di Mussels Recipe:


Wine Match: Sauvignon Blanc

Ribolitta Recipe:


Wine Match: Young Fruity Chianti

Pasta e Fagiol Recipe:


Wine Match: Dry Rosé

Minestra d’Orzo alla Trentina Recipe:


Wine Match: Gewurztraminer