About JH&S

Welcome to the online home of John Hanna & Sons Ltd.

Since 1978, John Hanna & Sons has been a leader in bringing top quality wines and spirits from around the world to the Ontario market. Our business reflects our passion and values – a tremendous love of delicious wines and spirits as well as a deep and abiding respect for the importance and role of family businesses. Our network of suppliers around the world emphasizes families over factories – and quality above all. Today we are proud to offer a carefully curated line-up of products we’re confident you’ll enjoy.

Long-term partnerships with quality-minded – often iconic – wineries and distilleries are a reflection of the attitude and approach we endeavour to undertake in dealing with our customers. We work hard to bring our customers the best possible products at fair prices; we stand behind the products we bring to market with outstanding service; we carry on business with integrity and accountability; and we are honest and forthright in the way we communicate. These values are the pillars of our business.

Character (or what some might called terroir or personality) and value are the two distinguishing features we appreciate most in good wines and spirits. Our favourite bottles tell a story – a story about the place they were made and the people who made them; authentic products that evoke strong passionate responses from those who consume them. Our focus on scouring the globe for amazing value wines and spirits doesn’t mean these products are always inexpensive – what it does mean is that we are proud to stand behind each and every bottle we bring to market and believe they offer a superior Price : Quality ratio.

This website is your doorway to an important collection of delicious wines and spirits from around the globe – and products and families we’re proud to stand alongside. We see our role as helping connect people looking for fine wines and spirits with delicious products they’ll enjoy. So please, take your time and enjoy your visit to Winetrader.ca and discover the full range of fine wines and spirits from John Hanna & Sons.