Wine of the Week #1525: Lustau Palo Cortado

[ Lustau Palo Cortado Sherry “Vides” ]


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Have you ever noticed how many delicious things are accidental discoveries? As much as I adore dry Sherries of all styles, I’ve got a special soft spot for Palo Cortado – in part because it’s one of those delightful accidents of nature, and in part because it’s just so indulgently delicious. This style of Sherry can’t be created on-demand, but rather occurs in a small percentage of the wines that begin their life destined to become Fino Sherry, but along the way, the naturally occurring layer of yeast – which grows on top of Fino and protects it from oxidizing – dies and leaves the Sherry suddenly exposed to the open air. As the Sherry interacts with the air it takes on much of the deep dark rich colours and spicy aromas that we associate with Oloroso style Sherry.

The real magic, for me, is found in a certain high-wire balancing act that Palo Cortado manages to pull off, showcasing much of the best of both Fino and Oloroso style Sherries. This Palo Cortado from Emilio Lustau is quite dry, making it a great match with bold flavourful foods, and it’s remarkable age creates astonishing concentration and complexity. For the price, I can’t think of another drink made anywhere on the planet that indulges both your palate and mind in such delightful and indulgent ways. When it comes to matching this rare and special wine with food, I find it sings next to dishes with a good dose of salt and cuts through the richness of decadent preparations with a bit of fat.

[ Recipes & Food Pairings: ]

Roasted Pork Belly, Brie & Candied Walnut Grilled Cheese – RECIPE

Seared Duck Breast w/ Honey, Orange & Thyme – RECIPE

Spicy Korean Pork + Napa Cabbage Slaw – RECIPE

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CASE: $444


[ Technical Specs: ]

ALCOHOL: 19.0%


CASE PACK: 12 x 500mL

GRAPES: 100% Palomino

CLOSURE: Natural Cork Stopper


SERVING TEMPERATURE: 12 to 14 degrees C

[ Tasting Notes: ]

“The non-vintage Palo Cortado, Almacenista Vides is dark amber, slightly sweeter and richer than the Amontillado and would be excellent with quail, partridge, and grouse.”

93 / 100 Points

Jay Miller /

“This marries dry and creamy notes wonderfully, with toffee and clove, pecan and bitter almond, caramel and cardamom flavors all bouncing off one another. Buckwheat honey and anise notes line the lengthy finish. A beauty. Drink now. 200 cases made.”

93 / 100 Points

James Molesworth /

Wine of the Week #1525: Emilio Lustau Palo Cortado Sherry “Vides”

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