Spot Offer #118: 2012 Clos Mogador

2012 Clos Mogador2012 Clos Mogador

2012 Clos Mogador


Why We Love It:

It’s hard to come up with superlatives to describe Clos Mogador which haven’t already been used. There is something so seemingly mythical and lyrical – even poetic – about this iconic Spanish winery; a project driven by an abundant and authentic love of wine, family and history. An hour or so south of Barcelona we come upon one of the most scenic and magical wine regions I’ve ever had the privilege to visit. And it really does require an appreciation of this landscape to fully comprehend just how utterly insane the notion of growing wine here actually is. Perched on nearly impossibly steep mountainside cliffs, the winegrowers of Priorat coax minuscule amounts of intensely fragrant, complex, deep and concentrated nectar from vines whose roots must bury themselves deep into stone just to find the water and nutrients they need to survive. And is if just being on of a small handful of diligent farmers working this impossible terrain isn’t enough, Rene Barbier reaches even further, employing intensely artisan winemaking and micro-vinification methods in his cellars. The outcome is singular wine sought after by the most discerning restaurants and wine collectors around the world. Today, we’re pleased to announce the release of a scant 24 bottles of this spectacular nectar.

Food Pairings:

Braised Veal Shanks topped w/ Bacon-Parmesan Breadcrumbs – RECIPE

Grilled Ribeye w/ Caramelized Scallion Butter – RECIPE

Rosemary Braised Lamb Shoulder Chops – RECIPE


BOTTLE: $117

CASE: $702


Technical Specs:

ALCOHOL: 15.5%


Case Pack: 6 x 750mL

GRAPES: 45% Grenache, 25% Carignan, 16% Syrah & 10% Cabernet Sauvignon

CLOSURE: Natural Cork

CELLAR POTENTIAL: Drink now to 2040


Tasting Notes:

“The 2012 Clos Mogador is nothing short of spectacular. They started in 1999 with some Cariñena, and they gradually increased the Garnacha and reduced the Cabernet. 2012 is possibly the vintage of Mogador with less Cabernet, as it didn’t behave well in such a warm year. René Barbier senior tells me it reminds him of the freshness of the 2000 that he generously uncorked for me to compare; they only have a handful of bottles for the old vintages! The nose of this 2012 is still a little reticent but not reduced like many vintages in the past, slowly showing a great Mediterranean-Atlantic balance with notes of herbs, wet slate and graphite. The super-elegant palate offers great acidity and freshness with incredibly layered and delineated flavors that have an electric, mineral sensation with tension and really fine tannins. There are no traces of oak and no edges… rugged silk? This is a Mogador for decades. If this is always a bargain for the quality it delivers, it is even more so in 2012!”

98 / 100 Points

Luis Gutierrez –

“I feel very honoured to have been asked to describe the 2012 vintage of Clos Mogador as I have followed this wine since the first vintage in 1989 and I still have every vintage available in my Hampshire cellar. One of the reasons for this is that it is, quite simply, a noble wine. Over the years there have understandably been subtle differences between the various vintages but the core of the wine remains pure and incredibly complex with marked “terroir” characteristics. It could only be a Priorat wine and, for me, the supreme Priorat wine. Since 2007 René has been using less Cabernet Sauvignon and since 2010 some of the wine is brought up in “foudres” from the Allier in France. These factors have influenced the attributes of the 2012 vintage very positively. The appearance of the wine is in keeping with all that one would expect from a Mogador – moody purple with high viscosity and attractive garnet reflections which invite you to investigate further. 2012 was a hot vintage with yields of 30% less than normal so the nose is concentrated and heady, overlaid with tobacco and ripe cherries. The judicious use of the larger recipients will have stopped the concentration of the wine becoming overpowering – another indication of intelligent wine making. Palate sensations start with a warmth and smoothness that belies its youth. The fine acidity indicates that it may be ready for drinking at an earlier stage than other vintages. An abundance of earthy red fruits is overlaid with coffee, liquorice and spices all brought into harmony by the subtle, well balanced tannins. The finish is a natural extension of the mouth feel with smoky, jammy sensations and a warming, heartening texture. Needless to say, decanting for this wine is a must, as is serving it in a classic glass from a quality company such as Riedel or Speigelau. Such a multi layered, complex wine deserves nothing but the best. Bravo René!”

Claude Laage
Owner of the restaurant “Les Mirabelles” – Wiltshire, England

2012 Clos Mogador

Spot Offer #118: 2012 Clos Mogador


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