Spot Offer #106: Lustau Sweet Moscatel Sherry “Emilin”

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For a decade or more the luscious nectar used to produce this Sweet Moscatel Sherry sleeps quietly in American oak barrels, deep in the cellars of the famous Sherry producer, Emilio Lustau. This fortified treasure ages gracefully, slowly intensifying into what will one day become amongst the most celebrated sweet wines of the world. This legendary sweet Sherry is as complex as it is concentrated; a fragrant and explosive wine exhibiting flavours and aromas of buttery raisin pie, bitter dark chocolate, roasted nuts and cigar smoke, each seeming more pungent than the last. This is the perfect way to finish a meal. A couple of ounces of this thick, rich and decadent wine offer a sophisticated match for equally decadent desserts – and a perfect companion with full-flavoured cheeses. Given the age, complexity and spectacular sensory experience, this is one of the most absurd wine values on the market.

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Purple Grape Tart – RECIPE

Foie Gras + Maple Ice Cream – RECIPE

Chocolate Clafoutis w/ Caramelized Oranges – RECIPE

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CASE: $432


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CASE PACK: 12 x 750mL

GRAPES: 100% Moscatel

CLOSURE: Natural Cork Stopper



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“The non-vintage Moscatel Emilin Solera Reserva is the sweetest sherry in this group as well as the easiest to appreciate as it is made from 100% Moscatel. Lustau made its reputation in the foreign markets with its extraordinary single cask Almacenistas which had been accumulated by the family over many years as their soleras are among the oldest in Sherry. The family also owns over 500 acres of vineyards. These are all remarkable efforts for their stunning value. While they are still under-the-radar for most American wine lovers, I encourage readers to give them a try as they are great introductory reference points for how profound sherry can be. I first wrote about the extraordinary sherries of Emilio Lustau many years ago, in the early days of The Wine Advocate. The portfolio of under $25 a bottle selections represents remarkable value for their complex, well-made personalities. Lustau includes a bottling date code as purchasers would want to buy Finos and Manzanillas as young as possible. It is difficult to describe the glories of sherry, but I’ll try. These Solera Reservas are all great reference points at a low price point from Lustau. None of the Almacenista soleras, which are single cask and very limited bottlings, are reviewed since they are priced over $25 a bottle, but they can be as profound as any alcoholic beverage in the world.”

96 / 100 Points

Robert M. Parker, Jr. /

Spot Offer #106: n/v Lustau Moscatel Sweet Sherry “Emilin”

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