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Beyond the Back Label

Welcome to the radio archive of John Hanna & Sons Ltd. Here you will find a collection of our Beyond the Back Label radio features introducing some of our most popular and acclaimed wines and spirits. In a world of 30 second sound bites and 24 hours news cycles, it may seem counterintuitive to employ marketing strategies involving something deeper and a bit more meaningful – but that’s exactly what this section of our website is designed to do. If you like the idea of slow food – or better yet slow wines and spirits! – you’re sure to appreciate each of these two minute journeys Beyond the Back Label, with our favourite wines and spirits.

Champagne Bollinger – La Grande Annee


Champagne Bollinger – Special Cuvee


Domaine du Vieux Telegraphe – Chateauneuf du Pape Rouge


Domaine Chanson – Reserve du Bastion Pinot Noir


Glenfarclas Distillery – 17 Year Old Single Malt Scotch


Chateau Fontaine Audon – Sancerre


Maison Langlois Chateau – Cremant de Loire


Bodegas Castano – Hecula


Bodegas Castano – Solanera


Vina Herminia – Rioja


Vina Herminia – Graciano


The Black Chook – Shiraz/Viognier


Saracina Vineyards – Atrea “The Old Soul Red”


Bodegas Castano – Hecula “Good Reasons” Campaign