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Bodegas Lopez de Heredia is one the great wine producers of Spain. For more than 137 years, this venerable and grand name has been a benchmark for classic traditional Rioja wines. Great wine producers around the world seem constantly engaged in a never-ending debate over the relative merits of progress vs tradition, struggling to find the right balance between embracing technology and its apparent benefits, while not turning their backs on the very central role that history and heritage play in the production of fine wines.

And then there is Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia…

There is perhaps no better example of a wine producer anywhere on earth that has thrown all their chips in on tradition, history and heritage – and few dispute that for more than 130 years they’ve had the right cards to win that bet – than Lopez de Heredia. The Tondonia vineyard was established in 1913. This property has been the essence of the family estate, yielding the raw materials that have made Lopez de Heredia a singular producer of wines epitomizing the profile and style that has made Rioja one of Spain’s preeminent wine regions.

In addition to the iconic Vina Tondonia site, the Lopez de Heredia holdings include Vina Cubillo, Vina Bosconia and Vina Zaconia; three single vineyards which produce superior raw materials and individual terroir driven wines. While many changes have taken place in the Rioja region over the past few decades, Lopez de Heredia has remained steadfastly committed to the methods, style and heritage which have been at its core for more than a century.