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Domaine des Dorices is located in the town of Vallet – where many of the best Muscadet estates are found – and produces about 20 000 cases each year from their 100 acres of vineyard. The village of Vallet is known for being the home of the longest-lived Muscadets, but few develop as well as the wines of Domaine des Dorices. This estate benefits from a very favourable location with south-facing hillside vineyards on poor (inorganic) stony soil which offers a natural advantage over most neighbouring producers of Muscadet.

Dorices is one of the few estates producing a genuine “organic wine” highlighted by the choice not to use chemical fertilizers on their property. Chemical fertilisers have not been used in these vineyards for 60 years now. The result? Soils are in very good balance and the vines are exceptionally healthy. The move towards organic farming and winemaking was initiated in 1962 by then owner Leon Boullault, who made (what was seen at the time as) the radical switch from chemical to organic fertilizer.

This meant a reduction in harvest quantity in order to preserve and enhance his unique terroir. Now, nearly 60 years later, Leon and his sons are reaping the full rewards of that bold decision, as vintage after vintage they harvest ripe, well-balanced grapes producing some of the very best wines of the appellation.

Grapes are picked both by hand and machine, and transported quickly to the cellars where they are immediately – but gently – pressed. The must is allowed to settle for 12-24 hours, depending on the vintage, before racking off into tank. Fermentations are strictly controlled at 18-20°C, and progress slowly for up to 3 weeks. The young wines are then aged on their fine lees over the winter, gaining complexity while preserving freshness.

Leading wine critic Robert Parker has wrote of this estate: “This is a surprisingly large bodied, flavourful Muscadet with a zesty, stony, lime/gin and tonic – scented nose, excellent flavours, good definition, and a crisp, fresh finish. Drink it with your favorite oyster dish”.

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