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Spot Offer #101: 2003 Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia

On the glorious and fortunate occasion when one pulls the cork from a bottle of wine made by Lopez de Heredia, there is no risk of suffering from the illusion that there is anything ubiquitous about the extraordinary nectar that spills forth with each glass. Vina Tondonia is the flagship bottling from a storied producer; a wine of exceptional pedigree and privileged terroir.

Spot Offer #106: Lustau Sweet Moscatel Sherry “Emilin”

[ n/v Lustau Moscatel Sweet Sherry “Emilin” ] PRODUCER PROFILE | Emilio Lustau SHOP NOW | Store Locator — [ Why We Love It: ] For a decade or more the luscious nectar used to produce this Sweet Moscatel Sherry sleeps quietly in American oak barrels, deep in the  … Read More