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Popular Pick: Emilio Lustau East India Sweet Sherry

[ n/v Lustau East India Sweet Sherry ] PRODUCER PROFILE | Emilio Lustau SHOP NOW | Store Locator — [ Why We Love It: ] East India is a sweet Sherry made by Emilio Lustau and has been a customer favourite in Ontario for more than two decades.  … Read More

Wine of the Week #1529: Emilio Lustau East India Sweet Sherry

This wine is produced employing methods meant to mimic the style of 17th century wines that faced transatlantic voyages to reach various Spanish colonies. During these long journeys, casks of Sherry would be used as ballast in the ships. Demand for these Sherries grew as wine drinkers around the world discovered that this process imparted distinct complexity and smoothness in the wines. Today, Lustau celebrates and acknowledges this important piece of Sherry heritage through the production of their East India Solera.