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Vinoptima (Latin for “best wine”) is a single estate vineyard and winery situated in Gisborne, owned and operated by New Zealand wine pioneer and icon, Nick Nobilo. The contradiction between the complexity of these wines, vs. the simplicity of the modus operandi at Vinoptima stand proudly in stark contrast to one another. Here at Vinoptima, we find a winery entirely dedicated to producing just one wine each year.

In establishing Vinoptima, Nick Nobile set out the achieve a single clear goal – to produce the great possible expression of Gewurztraminer, each year. The Vinoptima estate totals approximately 25 acres made up of two plots, each of roughly equal size. Every aspect of development, design, equipment selection, vineyard management and winemaking focus on the relentless pursuit of making a single commercial wine grown entirely on the estate. No grapes are grown under contract – and no part of the winemaking or bottling are undertaken by any third parties.

Unlike wines produced with more commercial (or large volume) goals in mind, at Vinoptima, the overarching goal is to create an individual wine of character and distinction and the highlight the variations from year to year, rather than producing a single more homogeneous style.

The result? Some vintages may showcase more rich ripeness vs. others displaying cleaner more lean characteristics; some vintages may showcase a bit more residual sugar while others are bone dry. Regardless, the overarching idea is to make the best possible expression of the grape and to tell an honest and authentic story about the growing conditions each season.

The results are extraordinary. Each release of Vinoptima Estate Gewurztraminer is a certain candidate as one of the best Gewurztraminers made anywhere – and one of the very top white wines of the world. These are layered, complex, aromatic and age-worthy white wines that compete with the finest Alsace Grand Crus – and, simply stated, must be tasted to be believed.

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