Sainte Rose

Languedoc – France

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Husband and wife team Charles and Ruth Simpson point to the Sainte Rose statue – which stands proudly amidst the gardens outside their stunning Chateau – and her role in opposing attacks upon Catholics by Roman Emperor Fredrick II as a sort of parallel to their own current position vs. other great “wine empires” around the globe. The Simpsons acquired the Chateau and 75+ acre estate in Servian in 2002, since which time they have pursued a journey of experimentation and progress producing a delicious and critically acclaimed range of IGP Cotes de Thongue wines. The Simpsons have embraced this new regional moniker as it has allowed them to plant the grape varieties they believe best reflect both consumer tastes as well as site-specific predispositions of the micro-terroirs across their estate property.

In addition to planting varieties that are perhaps somewhat less conventional – by southern French standards, anyways – the Simpsons have also embraced and imported modern “new world” winemaking methods and techniques in both the cellar and vineyard. The ultimate goal here at Domaine Saint Rose is to produce quality fruit and clean wines all the while employing minimal intervention. We find the Domaine Sainte Rose collection to emphasize balance and freshness right across the range – wines that strut their best stuff at the table when served with food, acting as an outstanding reminder of wine’s roots as a refreshment.

Core Brands:

Domaine Sainte Rose Les Derniers Cepages
Domaine Sainte Rose La Garrigue
Domaine Sainte Rose Le Soleil du Sud