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Founded in 1759, Cognac Delamain & Cie has a history that virtually dates back as far as Cognac itself. Every bit as amazing is the reality that this Delamain is today operated by Patrick Peyrelongue and Charles Braastad – direct descendants of the original founder. Cognac Delamain is defined by much more than a family history of 250+ years producing Cognac.

This artisan Cognac house is known for its strict self-imposed quality standards: only XO designated bottlings (no VS or VSOP), none aged less than 25 years (vs a legal minimum requirement of 6 years), all produced from the Grande Champagne region of Cognac (which represents less than 10% of the total surface area of the region), none of Delamain’s Cognacs are sweetened or enhanced with artificial colouring, right down to the labels which are applied individually and by hand. The result of these impressive production standards is a range of ancient and pure spirits offering Cognac enthusiasts and connoisseurs an authentic and intellectual interpretation of great Cognac.

Consistently recognized throughout the world for its place amongst the very top artisan producers of Cognac, these limited production bottlings are available in tiny quantities in a growing number of export markets.

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Delamain XO Grande Champagne Cognac “Pale & Dry”
Delamain XO Grande Champagne Cognac “Vesper”
Delamain XO Grande Champagne Cognac “Tres Venerables”
Delamain XO Grande Champagne Cognac “Reserve de Famille”

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