Profile: Chateau Brondelle

[ Bordeaux – France ]


In a part of the world with more vineyards and wineries per square inch than any other wine producing region on earth it might seem difficult to stand out from the crowd – but Jean-Noel Belloc of Chateau Brondelle has accomplished just that. In the sea of wines of all prices, styles, compositions and interpretations, Jean-Noel Belloc stands apart from the crowd not for his ostentatiousness or boldness, but rather for a humility and authenticity that is reflected in both in his demeanour and in his wines. Here in the often overlooked terroir of the Graves, Jean-Noel producing an exciting line-up of whites and reds that are clean, fresh, delicious and well-made – at prices that seem absurdly low when compared to wines produced mere miles away. In addition to the red and white table wines produced at Brondelle, Jean-Noel crafts one of the most delicious and affordable Sauternes on the market.