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Technique, craftsmanship, quality and skill: there may be no four words better equipped to sum what you’ll experience when you pick up a bottle of Bollinger Champagne.

Champagne Bollinger has created prestigious champagnes with character, distinguished by their elegance and complexity, since 1829. Bollinger remains one of the few family owned Grande Marques in Champagne and for 6 generations this house has stood alone in its relentless pursuit of quality beyond all other considerations. Connoisseurs, wine collectors, heads of state, the British Royal Court and even Agent 007 James Bond himself, share an enthusiasm for the unmistakable house style at Bollinger; a style emphasizing the seemingly mutually exclusive expressions of delicacy and finesse within a dry, toasty and full-bodied frame.

Today, each bottle of Bollinger Champagne is the product of 400 acres of top Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyard sites across the best terroirs of Champagne. Continuity of style is ensured by an incredible collection of over 600,000 reserve magnums, making Bollinger the only Champagne house with such a wide palette from which to draw. Bollinger allows its wines mature for twice as long as the appellation requirement – not out of vanity, but because a great wine needs the luxury of time to develop its full character.

Champagne Bollinger never yields to an option because it’s easier; wherever ancestral techniques have proven to deliver higher quality, they are preserved, however challenging this choice might prove. Hand riddling, aging of reserve magnums and vintage cuvées under natural corks, and a resident barrel cooper – Bollinger proudly perpetuates these ancient skills and valuable crafts and is the first Champagne house to obtain the Patrimoine Vivant (living heritage) designation which acknowledges products of exceptional craftsmanship and skill.

An impressive collection of neighbouring French producers, including Champagne Ayala, Domaine Chanson in Burgundy, Maison Langlois-Chateau in the Loire and Cognac Delamain & Cie, are all part of the Societe Jacques Bollinger firm.

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n/a Special Cuvee
n/v Rose
2005 La Grande Annee
2005 La Grande Annee Rose
2002 R.D.

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