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In a word, Adega a Coroa is all about Godello. And if you haven’t yet discovered this white grape, indigenous to northwestern Spain, you’re probably not alone, since in 2004 there was little more than 2,000 acres planted in total around the world. But since 2004, this grape has been on a roll. Much like Albarino grown in the neighbouring region of Rias Baixas to the west, Valdeorras is one of those rare wine regions that is making a name for itself with the production of distinctive and characterful white wines made primarily, if not exclusively, from the Godello grape.

More recently, the footprint of Godello has expanded to other nearby regions, most notably Bierzo. The early results have been impressive, and have led some to draw comparisons between Godello based white wines and the Chardonnay based whites of Burgundy. Godello, like Chardonnay, seems to offer a canvass upon which climate, geography and winemakers can express themselves broadly and freely.

Situated within the Valdeorras Valley itself, Adega a Coroa enjoys a terroir which has been celebrated since the days of early Roman viticulture in the region. This “doorway to Galicia” is the backdrop to a small, 12 hectare family vineyard. Here, Adega a Coroa has brought together the best of old and new, installing state-of-the-art temperature controlled small tanks, where they can ferment wines in small lots by individual plot, in cellars dating back to the Roman era, painstakingly restored using only period materials – wood, stone, mud and iron.

In embracing the best of modern technology, with a clear respect for the history and culture that came before them, this young producer of wines from an ancient grape is capturing the imagination of wine around the globe.