5 Classic French Bistro Recipes & Perfect Wine Picks

Bistros are a Parisian phenomenon, which over time have come to appear around the globe – and are known for serving fresh, simple and rustic foods that have gained popularity for their understated simplicity. In addition to classic bistro recipes like Beef Tartare, Steak-Frites, braised meats and fowl, soups, stews and fresh seasonal salads, bistros are also known for serving equally unpretentious – yet delicious!! – wines and, of course, great coffee. So it is in this spirit of delicious, simple and unpretentious eating and drinking that we unveil our “greatest hits” list of bistro favourites.

1. Salade Lyonnaise RECIPE

Wine Match: Sancerre, Picpoul de Pinet or Muscadet

2. Coquilles St-Jacques RECIPE

Wine Match: Rich Barrel-Aged White Burgundy or Champagne

3. Coq au Vin RECIPE

Wine Match: Red Burgundy, Loire Pinot Noir or Gaillac reds (Fer Servadou)

4. Cassoulet au Canard RECIPE

Wine Match: Cotes-du-Rhone reds, Madiran, Cahors or Cru Beaujolais

5. Tartare de Filet de Boeuf RECIPE

Wine Match: Champagne, rich Grenache Rose, finer Syrah & Grenache-based reds

One of the real marvelous parts of this collection of bistro recipes and wine pairing ideas, is the fact that each of these dishes has the potential to work with both the finest and most expensive wines of France, but also to elevate humble and inexpensive bottles as well. That is part of the magic of great French food, is its inherently wine-friendly nature. So often here in North America we tend to believe that only “special” or “rare” or “expensive” wines are worthy of being enjoyed at the table with fine cuisine; but perhaps these matches go to show that even the most humble fermented grape juice not only has a place, but can be elevated when served alongside a thoughtful and delicious plate of food.

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