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Wine of the Week #1532: 2005 Bollinger Champagne “La Grande Annee” 

Bollinger Champagnes are legendary. The name and reputation of this prestigious brand of Champagnes transcends its category and implies a sense of luxury and indulgence virtually incomparable in the world of wine. To accomplish this positioning as a Champagne – a category of wines already a step above the ordinary – is remarkable and is the product of more than its predisposition…

Wine of the Week

Wine of the Week #1522: 2002 Bollinger R.D. 

The 2002 vintage of Bollinger R.D. is particularly sought-after and collectible, both for it’s remarkable quality as well as for the fact that it marks the 50th anniversary of the creation of this now iconic Champagne. In 1967, many customers and distributors had begun encouraging Madame Bollinger to produce a “reserve” wine as an addition…